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    Mardi 6 Novembre 2012 à 17:05
    You're right. They wouldn't have been betetr.I want instant runoff voting and more 3rd party support. I'm about ready to fire Demmies and Repubs alike and force them to retire from politics completly. Bring people in who just want to get things done, and aren't engaged in a constant battle with one another. You're fired! Wouldn't it be fun to say/do?I guarantee if a 3rd party ever became a serious threat to them, they'd act like best buddies, band together, and fight to crush any alternatives.' I'm convinced they're only in it for their own power and the power of their parties, and there are too many conflicts of interest at stake for them to even properly do their jobs.And that's just what it is a job.Fire them all.
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