• enoch ligt - a hard day's night

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    Jeudi 1er Mars 2012 à 17:48

    Heu ! c'est le même titre que sur ton autre blog !!! bon je vais refaire mon com. très belle découverte que ce titre dont je suis preneur . Oufti ça swingue , bises au Daphné parfumé . Groovement , Pierre 2 

    Mardi 6 Novembre 2012 à 22:56
    Hmm from a spiritual stonnpaidt, I'm going to use the old adage When God slams a door shut in your face so hard that your hair blows back, He opens a window somewhere for you to crawl out of or something like that. Where's your window?Honestly, was Pepperdine ultimately not something for you? Is there a passion that you have felt not-so-confident about that you have not been feeding ? Could you give that more attention, and pursue a doctoral degree down that road instead?Is there something this summer that you need to be doing besides Pepperdine?Yes, all slightly rhetorical, but I seriously doubt that this is the end of your road with female relationships, your doctoral studies, or your relationship with God. Perhaps you could meditate or find your centre, and just be for a while. I think that house-hunting will be enough to focus on this year, and perhaps next Spring you could try a PhD at UCF. You're an amazing person and so giving, and a great friend. Hang in there everything will come clearer in time.
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